Dating in Buenos-Aires (VivaAmar)

They say that Buenos Aires is the “Paris of South America”. And that it is a bigger city of love than Paris itself. There’s literally something in the air there.

Let’s start with the city. Buenos Aires is one of the oldest cities in South America. It is a wonderful, beautiful city and hence, the top tourist destination. It has rich European-influenced culture and architecture. In the last century or so, many waves of immigrants inhabited the city, making it a multi-culture, multinational and multi-religious melting pot. Today, over 17 million people live in the Greater Buenos Aires area. Imagine the opportunities this brings in terms of hooking up with a beautiful girl!

Now, the women. Since this is a capital city, the girls of Buenos Aires are the best and the most developed in all respects. They are hands down good looking. Most of them are tall and lean (consequences of Italian ancestry and healthy lifestyle). While being religious and somewhat reserved (to a point of self-containment), they are still very emotional and open when they get used to a man. They don’t usually dress up (or use make up) that much in regular situations, but that changes during a party or a date. It is a variation of the norm to meet LOTS of nice girls during a generic walk down the street, with many of those being much more than “just” beautiful and could literally rock a man’s socks off.

Once a porteña (that’s how the wonderful female creatures from Buenos Aires are called) gets to know a man better, once she learns to trust him a bit more – she will immerse the lucky one into a whole ocean of emotions she contained. It is, of course, as good as it is bad. Good because it is great to be on a receiving end of powerful burst of positive emotions like love or passion. But at the same time Buenos Aires girls tend to love some drama within a relationship. And sometimes it leads to constant and very heated argument between the lovers for no obvious reason. A good way of exploiting the emotional side of women in Buenos Aires is enrolling into one of the tango schools, or “milongas”, there.buenos-aires-women

The capital girls are socialites that deep inside are always on the lookout for a perfect boyfriend. So every moment around them is a good opportunity to get acquainted. They are very much present and active on various social media so it might be a good idea to send a “Like” (chances of a subsequent friend request being accepted will grow close to 100%) or ask for a phone number.

Buenos Aires girls are very traditional in terms of man courting a woman. They love flowers and romance, they love to hear compliments. For a man to have a success with them, one has to have a feather-like, honey sweet talk, with many lovely praises in repertoire.

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Based on the self-assertedness, insistence and drive that their men display, the porteñas are quite used to a rather direct approach without any reservations. And they like it that way. Staying in hiding or using some semi-obvious ways of initiating contact  will do no good. Act like a man – and the road will be open.

Of course you can meet low self-esteem and insecurities in Buenos Aires woman, but generally they are very proud and know their self-worth very well. This sometimes leads porteñas to being overconfident or even arrogant. And this, in turn, results in the relationships going from hot to cold to hot again, so it makes sense to get used to that and consider this feature not as a sign of a girl’s mental instability or lack of affection but rather as a local peculiarity of intersexual relationships.