How should a girl act after a hookup to feel natural

We have been taught so many social norms and stereotypes since our youngest age. But no one really told the girls how they should behave after casual sex to avoid any awkwardness.

  • Being shy and modest. Come on, it’s too late for that, especially if you were very naughty. Better keep on showing your funky sides and intrigue your casual lover.
  • Impatience and jealousy. These traits are an absolute no-no in hookups, avoid them by all costs. These two ruin even a serious relationship, not to mention a casual one.
  • Proud sexiness and femininity. Yep! No man can resist these qualities. Even if he planned to get laid only once and then ghost on you, he will chase you like crazy if you act so.
  • Wanting more ASAP. It depends on his personality, whether he will appreciate such sexual greediness. If he’s narcissistic, he’ll probably be flattered by your persistence.
  • Ghosting on him. Does it feel natural to you, ignoring someone? Yes, if he did the wrong thing as a lover. So, do not limit yourself and ghost on him naturally if he deserved.