The role of marital agencies

wintergirlsFirst of all this kind of agencies give people the opportunity to find the life’s partner and not to stay alone, as we all are very afraid of loneliness, and second of all those agencies allow people finding a partner who really is dear to their heart instead of getting married with someone who they don’t love and in some cases it is also someone who the other person in a relationship doesn’t really like, or psychologically they are not a very good match, but they stay together as they were not able to meet anyone else, and the biological watch keeps ticking and adding some pressure to their life.

There is always a choice for people, whether to stay “stuck” into the business and not to be able to have time meeting new people and having a relationship, and to end up being rich but lonely, or trying out something new, which might look a bit risky, but at the end very worthy. Some spices are added by the stories of successful relationships which are being told by friends usually. Yes not all the marriage or relationships made by means of internet are happy, but if being precise, than the same is the situation with marriages which are made via the regular way.

In general there is an opinion that marriages between two people who met each other by accident through the internet, last longer and are much happier than the ones that were carefully “prepared”. The more is the choice, the more possibilities to chose only the best are, as Margaret Kent (famous American writer) wrote in her popular book “How to get married” it is silly sitting your life on one place and do nothing, while waiting that the Prince Charming would ever walk by accident and knock on your door, because in order him to knock on your door, he needs at least to know your address. And of course eventually for him to find this information, there is a need to place this information somewhere, or in the internet or in a marital newspaper. Some women come to this conclusion by the time they turned thirty or even thirty five years old, a part of them has never been married, because all of this time they were waiting for happiness that they will meet by accident. And there is no option for them now, as they are in the age when it is impossible to get married in Russia while meeting “by accident”. And the other category of women is the women who are divorced and have children. They got married because a long time ago they met their future spouse by so called “accident” in a nightclub, or on some party, and eventually it all end up being a very miserable marriage and family life.woman-ukraine-free

As the experience shows in general it takes two years to find a partner by means of internet, and even if it will take three years, still it is nothing if comparing it with the time while waiting to meet the perfect man in real life by “accident”, sometimes it takes the entire life looking for that one person.

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People who are skeptical about this kind of meeting state that the possibility to meet two people whom would be perfect for each other is very small itself, that is why there are so many lonely people in the world, it is hard finding someone who will suit you perfectly, that is why the more contacts, the bigger is the possibility, and if comparing to waiting of the “Prince Charming” and doing nothing, the serious difference is obvious.

It is a fact that a lot of women, same as men, as long as after finding each other in the internet, stay disappointed, as they found a wrong person, or didn’t found anyone at all, it means that it is necessary to keep looking, and some day luck will find you. Those who are able to wait get only the best things.